Non traditional jewelry for Non traditional people – The rings tell the story

The Still Alive Nature Collection



Outspread Nature


Artist Statement:

Steeping over the magic that occur inevitable around us every single instant, Still Alive Nature Jewelry Collection is a process of observation, intimacy and awareness. In the stillness of the plants inhabits multiverse of forms, hues, and shades; magically connected to seasons, moon rhythms and challenging climatic endeavors. They are always incubating other stages, apparently just in one physical place, silently feeding and sheltering another species, sources of remedies and sanative medicine. They are conscious witnesses, living life supporting life. The Still Alive Nature Collection is a celebration to life and its cycles.

These pieces are hand-made and one-of-a-kind wearable art. Their color hues, tones and shapes vary with each piece and they can never be reproduced exactly as the last.  Each piece is part of a creative and spontaneous process and is made by  artist’s hands. Crevices, intricate textures, tonal changes are part of the artist’s message, purposefully enhancing  “chaos” and beauty.

Where to buy Ylecara’s Jewelry Art ?

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