Non traditional jewelry for Non traditional people – The rings tell the story

Launching into a deeper questioning

Ylecara’s Jewelry Art.

feminine sculpture of 15 mm height

feminine sculpture of 15 mm height

Wondering to myself.

After having finalized the first four pieces of the jewelry collection, “The Divinity of Nature” I found myself launching into a deeper questioning, partly due to the need for a clearer compromise with my surroundings and these historic moments of accelerated and inevitable transformations.

For some time, before any word could be stated, I owed myself a vital compromise: the newborn forms had to reveal in their momentum; the questions had already been asked and the answers lay waiting. I had wondered many times, who is that image that continues, time and again, to filter into my processes? Is she a myth, a goddess, an archetype? Is she the common ancestor that scientists have named the Mitochondrial Eve? Is she a fiber of my own nature intuitively blooming from an ancient tree?


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