Non traditional jewelry for Non traditional people – The rings tell the story

Launching into a deeper questioning II

Ylecara’s Jewelry Art and the Myth.

“Cycles” :
oil on canvas by Yle Cara.

In prehistory, myths were told through symbols and pictographs , painted on cave walls or carved into stones. Despite time and distance,the recurrence of those symbols through time and space points to a kind of wisdom that embraces humanity from the inside. As a universal source, it goes far beyond languages, epochs, religions, and cultures.

The myth of The Goddess or The Divine Mother is no exception. The first finds that reveal a goodness myth date from some 20,000 years ago, ex: Goddess of Laussel and Goddess  of Lespugue  . Thousands of years have been the witnesses of an image and a myth, leaving remnants of her presence throughout civilizations and territories all over our planet. Nowadays, its recurrence reveal that it can restated  as The Mono-Myth of the Gooddess. Joseph Campbell in his book ” Hero With A Thousand Faces” related the common path of a hero journey in several myth and stories, defining  the correlations as: The Mono-myth. Hence, due to the reiteration of the vast iconography and meaningful symbology  we are not exaggerating if we named her history of more than 20,000 as The Monomyth of the Goddess.

Despite the dominant, sovereign power of the myth of the god in subjugating the goddess’ influence, those attributes related to the feminine deity have remained without disappearing.

The Great Mother’s attributes have been manifested in symbols and images that reappear in our dreams, mythology, and art. These associations are embodied in a deep place of our consciousness. The reunion with nature, the connection with the matrix of life, compassion, love, and sustainability,  all those attributes to be recalled at present times when the planet and the entire species are approaching unknown frontiers.

It is worth noting how the evolutionary process of consciousness has substituted “the mother” with “the father.” Along with this  process throughout millennia, our ways of living the experience, and our relation with nature, have been polarized in nowadays-evident dichotomies.


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