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The Lost Wax Casting Procedure

The Alchemy and Magic of the Lost Wax Casting.

Ylecara’s Jewelry Art

The first time I heard about the term The Lost Wax it was as hearing about a lost treasure. In fact, it is a treasure but fortunately, it is not lost. From its origins, thousands of years ago, the main core of this fascinating process is about to convert wax into metal. It is not magic, either alchemy, but similar.The Lost Wax Casting Technique involves art skills as well as precision procedures and a very specialized expertise. Its wide application covers from large industries , to dentists, artists, sculptors, model makers, and jewelers among others.

The remains and pieces that have been found by archeologist and scientist talk to us about a technique that has been used from thousands years ago and have passed  from one generation to the other. One of the remarkable discoveries was made in 1930 by Alonso Caso in the Mexican State of Oaxaca. The Gold artifacts found there in Monte Alban are protected and exhibited in its regional Museum.

Cooper and Zinc alloy was first discovered in China at the end of  the Hsia and Shang dynasties, 5000 B.C  on the Neolithic Age. This alloy was used in Lost Wax Castings to produce personal ornaments and artifacts. The same technique was implemented in Africa at least 2000 B.C.  The Egyptian pieces “Bust of Amenemhat III and “The Kneeling Figure of Amenemhat III (1843-1798 BC) were made of solid copper alloy by the lost wax casting procedure. They are currently exhibited in The Natural Museum of Cairo, Egypt.

More recently, in the Middle Ages, the renowned jeweler and sculptor Benvenuto Cellini retook the procedure, which made possible the relevant piece : Perseus and the Head of Medusa. Lost wax is employed these days without significant variations. The master pieces are generally made out of wax and after this,  they are rescued from a cast investment and temperatures  from over 1000 Fahrenheit grades of temperature.

Note: Even today, after centuries practicing this technique we can we surprised with unpredictable results. In other words, a casting can be lost and the original pieces inside the investment should not have left a detailed negative space in the plaster investment.  The probability of a lost casting is  almost (0) but it is there. Paradoxically, in my personal practice, this one of the reason because Lost Wax is very exiting.

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Wax Tree

Wax Tree and Wax pieces.

Casting Flask over the Vacum.

Casting Flask with the Investment.

Flasks with investment in higth oven temperatures

Casting Flasks in the Oven

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