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Expanding Connections into an Inspirational Reservoir.

An effective way to motivate the visual brain creativity.

Ylecara’s Jewelry Art

Is it as a big bang, a point in expansion coming from the unknown? I don’t want to be out of my field, even when I really enjoy quantum physics and philosophy, I will narrow down my metaphors.

Acrylic Wash Acrylic Wash Where Start Everything-Final

Colleagues, friends, and clients have asked…- where does it come from? Are the Muses? Is creativity always at a little touch of the magic wand?
There are several questions around the creative process. Creativity, in general, seems to be mysterious and magical, but all of us can open the doors to it and develop the dexterity to explore this “magical land.”
Do not pay attention to the critics. I am saying, just be without the companion of the everyday ruled brain; it is not its turn this time. Even if you are not an artist, this kind of workout will enrich your life, opening new paths in your brain connections and in the daily tasks output.
A single drawing or many of them could be the starting point, but not necessarily. It is almost a natural law, that the most creative and gifted pieces start fragile as a butterfly and delicate as the breeze or suddenly get into a pixel of thought. I remember a day while I was driving my car, a leaf suddenly got into, and it was exactly the piece that activated my brain and conveyed a solution for a piece that I was designing for those days.
Now we go to set up the premises to activate the creative zones. Observing patterns and exploring new relations is an effective way to call on those sleeping areas.
The first images were painted on an ordinary card board, nothing special. You do not have to spend too much time to find the perfect paper or card board, and neither pays through the nose for a pad of them. I just washed four or three cardboard pieces at the same time, randomly extending black acrylic washes with a watercolor brush. Black ink can be used for the same purpose with similar results. Start with very translucent and thin brush strokes.
The second workout has been done from a set of pictures taken in my back yard. From 21 pictures I selected only three for this practice. You can play with tear sheets, magazine pictures, collected objects from a river side, industrial remains. Even trash could offer visual interest as it is for the Brazilian artist Vik Muniz.

Where Start Everything-Photo Source copy Where Start Everything-Photo Source-01 copy Where Start Everything-Final copy

From different scenes I have approached the first sketches. I have refined lines, added new elements and discarded others. If making the necessary connections for that instant, you do not have to worry about harmony and composition, and just let it be versus controlling. Pablo Picasso used to say: “a refined taste is enemy of creativity.”
Final stages for both projects were illustrated into Photoshop.
Finally, we can be surprised that actually the trend has been patented by the fluidity of the forms. Find your own source of inspiration, which can come to you in several and unexpected ways.
The choice of the stones, joints and engineering solutions will be a theme in chapters to come.
All the material I have used for this post comes from my personal archives. Sketches, drawings and photography’s are originals, intellectual property of Yle Cara.

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