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Same Sex Lovers Collection and Open Debate.

YleCara’s Jewelry Art.

It is not the first time in Human Rights History that we are on the verge of a remarkable change. We are all in “THE MOMENTUM” to erase away another system of discrimination, alienation, and inequality. In about two months, the Supreme Court will decide on the course of the events, and all of us could be part of this social transformation.
On the last days of March, 2013, I started a new jewelry collection, committed to the same-sex lovers concern. A few days before, I had designed the first models; surprisingly, the media was announcing a remarkable shift in reconsidering “The Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA). What a coincidence! Isn’t it?
Ylecara’s Collection Message, at this time in Human Rights History, is our commitment to the LGBT Community and with myself. I was inspired to design a collection that really reflects bodies with the same anatomical features. The LOVE and the NUMEN of these liaisons are symbolized in a circular band; two mini-sculptured women dancing together, and an ending lace motif, with two diamonds, enhancing the beauty and authenticity of their love. I am currently designing new pieces for the Same Sex Lovers Collection, focused on the symbols that better embody this heart and soul campaign. I am opened to your comments, suggestions, and petitions in order to fulfill our community messages at this significant moment for collective renovation.
Yesterday, I was visiting The Miami Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Its Marketing Director really honored the main statement of the Chamber. “SOMA”: Support our Members Always. It was a pleasure meeting them yesterday morning. They welcomed me as a family does from the start. Thank you very much Jorge Richa!
I would like to thank Caridad L. Cuesta and Mayra Ibarra for asking me to create for them the first models of the “Same Sex Lovers Collection”.

Pure Love-I

Pure Love

Same Sex Lovers Jewelry Collection

Ocean Love

Same-Sex Lovers Jewelry Collection

Personalized Ocean Love

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“The Still Alive Nature Collection” continues its journey.

Ylecara’s Jewelry Art 
One of a kind jewelry art

One-Sided Fish. Ring


hand made jewelry

Broken Seed. Pendant-Ring

unique handmade jewelry by ylecara

Fossil-Fish. Ring

Artist Statement:

One of a kind versus mass production.

The Still Alive Nature Jewelry Collection continues its inexhaustible journey, at this time  still alive paradoxically is seeking some sort of fossil remembrance. (more…)

Retro-Styling 60’s Free Forms

Ylecara’s Jewelry Art

sterling silver ring with amethyst,emerald and tourmaline.

Sterling silver ring with amethyst,emerald and tourmaline.

sterling silver ring with green onyx,champagne and tourmaline.

Sterling silver ring with green onyx,champagne and tourmaline.

sterling silver ring with emerald,ruby,sapphire,diamond and turquoise.

Sterling silver ring with emerald,ruby,sapphire,diamond and turquoise.

sterling silver,mother pearl,,garnet,emerald,peridot, tourmaline

Sterling silver ring with mother pearl,garnet,emerald,peridot and tourmaline

Regaining the joyful taste of the spontaneous 60’s jewelry look , Retro Styling with the Self-Fresh Expression of the 2013’s Color Trends.

One of kind and unique jewelry art.

Vibrant colors framed interiors, fashion and art in the 60’s trends,. The Pop Art golden years rooted in the style of the daily scenes. Jewelry was remarkable drove to colorful contrast. Gemstones were combining together with silver and yellow gold in different sizes, cuts and shapes. The free-form rings reshaped randomly the organic movements of the past art nouveau period. Emeralds, Garnets, Sapphires with diamonds and Mother Pearl Shell will honor those liberal forms, and a color pallet closer to nature announces the incoming 2013 Spring.

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The Divinity of Nature Collection

Ylecara’s Jewelry Art

The Trinity in the Seed

A Flower Within

Sacred Marriage

The Mother of the Cave

… a dance among painting, sculpture, jewelry, and the femininity within all. A fresh approach to a myth, new sprouts from an old tree.

These pieces are handmade, unique and one-of-a-kind wearable art. Their color hues, tones and shapes vary with each piece and they can never be reproduced exactly as the last.  Each piece is part of a creative and spontaneous process and is made by an artist’s hands. Crevices, intricate textures, tonal changes are part of the artist’s message, purposefully enhancing the “chaos” and beauty of nature.

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