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Making your Jewelry Designs Atractive and Uncommon.

  One of my Texturing Techniques.

Ylecara’s Jewelry Art

This tutorial is intended to illustrate in 23 pictures an intermediate level process that is worthy for jewelers, model makers, miniaturists, architects, designers and many other hobbyists and artists. This technique is a regular procedure used by sculptor more than a traditional technique used for jewelry model makers. I have combined the procedure with another technique applied by print makers as one of the way to catch textures for my designs. ¬†Textures are one of the relevant features of my pieces and one of the reasons my clients love the craftsmanship of my jewels. It is my pleasure to share with you this little and useful secret that can make your experience more attractive and your pieces really interesting. If you are motivated for textures as I am, you will have fun, too. I have included the main chords of this technique but you and only you could apply it successfully through experimentation. The textures and forms that you can get are unlimited, as your imagination is. Going through experimentation in small-scale pieces is really inexpensive. Enjoy it and share. (more…)