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Same Sex Lovers Collection and Open Debate.

YleCara’s Jewelry Art.

It is not the first time in Human Rights History that we are on the verge of a remarkable change. We are all in “THE MOMENTUM” to erase away another system of discrimination, alienation, and inequality. In about two months, the Supreme Court will decide on the course of the events, and all of us could be part of this social transformation.
On the last days of March, 2013, I started a new jewelry collection, committed to the same-sex lovers concern. A few days before, I had designed the first models; surprisingly, the media was announcing a remarkable shift in reconsidering “The Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA). What a coincidence! Isn’t it?
Ylecara’s Collection Message, at this time in Human Rights History, is our commitment to the LGBT Community and with myself. I was inspired to design a collection that really reflects bodies with the same anatomical features. The LOVE and the NUMEN of these liaisons are symbolized in a circular band; two mini-sculptured women dancing together, and an ending lace motif, with two diamonds, enhancing the beauty and authenticity of their love. I am currently designing new pieces for the Same Sex Lovers Collection, focused on the symbols that better embody this heart and soul campaign. I am opened to your comments, suggestions, and petitions in order to fulfill our community messages at this significant moment for collective renovation.
Yesterday, I was visiting The Miami Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Its Marketing Director really honored the main statement of the Chamber. “SOMA”: Support our Members Always. It was a pleasure meeting them yesterday morning. They welcomed me as a family does from the start. Thank you very much Jorge Richa!
I would like to thank Caridad L. Cuesta and Mayra Ibarra for asking me to create for them the first models of the “Same Sex Lovers Collection”.

Pure Love-I

Pure Love

Same Sex Lovers Jewelry Collection

Ocean Love

Same-Sex Lovers Jewelry Collection

Personalized Ocean Love

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Lost Wax Techniques for Jewelry Designers, Hobbyist and Artists. Tips and Notes.

Setting up the Wax Tree

The sprue is the central wax post that keeps connected all the models; it is inserted at the entrance of the flask base. See illustration.

The bigger pieces are setting closer to the base.

Allow at least ½ “ between flask wall and pieces inside.

Calculating Silver Weight

Wax Weight= W.  Weight of wax sprue+ wax models.

Base Weight=B

Total Weight=TW. Base +Wax Weight.

TW-B = W

At this step we are calculating the Wax Tree Weight.

W x 10 = SW

The conversion factor from wax to Silver is the weight of wax times 10.

The Extra 10 to 12 dwt is added to cover the button weight. The button is the cavity of the dome that remains at the flask base and attached to the main sprue. See illustration

Investment Preparation

The proportion of water related to investment powder is about 3.5 to 4 parts of water by 1 part of investment. It is highly recommend to experiment with these proportions. The investment avidity for water could vary by brands and manufacturers.

Tip: The density of the investment mixture affects the surface of metal models (gold, silver, brass, etc. ) In other words, a lesser density makes smoother surfaces.

The Oven and Flask Temperatures

Tip: At the final oven stage we lowered temperature under the sterling silver melting point, avoiding a conflict of temperatures inside the flasks at the time we pour the metal inside it.

sprue,flask,wax models,sterling silver casting

Casting Flask Diagram