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Expanding Connections into an Inspirational Reservoir.

An effective way to motivate the visual brain creativity.

Ylecara’s Jewelry Art

Is it as a big bang, a point in expansion coming from the unknown? I don’t want to be out of my field, even when I really enjoy quantum physics and philosophy, I will narrow down my metaphors.

Acrylic Wash Acrylic Wash Where Start Everything-Final

Colleagues, friends, and clients have asked…- where does it come from? Are the Muses? Is creativity always at a little touch of the magic wand? (more…)


A Flower Within

Ylecara’s Jewelry Art.

Three different kinds of finishing enhance the contrast among elements.

Two oxidation processes were achieved by masking and insulation techniques, rendering a color palette inspired by nature: alternating over pale yellow, medium ochre, raw amber and hints of a very dark cobalt blue. Sand-blasting and polishing processes were applied to surround the beauty of the colorized silver. In the artist’s words: “this piece is a dance among painting, sculpture and jewelry.”

From “The Divinity of Nature Collection
One of a Kind and Unique.
Silver 925
Height: 3.4 cm
Width: 3.7 cm
Size: 8

This ring was awarded at The Miami International Fashion Week, 2012
Inquires about this piece contact me.