Non traditional jewelry for Non traditional people – The rings tell the story

What is my jewelry about?

One of a kind, unique or mass production items?

 Ylecara’s Jewelry Art.

 master model whith sprue.

Many jewelry art is created toward making possible reproductions that could be varied in their numbers, for example:  a limited edition of 250 pieces. This means there is one mold to make possible a production up to 250 pieces. This definition is understood as an original art work, but there would be several of them. Therefore, this original art work is one of a kind limited edition and yet, every piece is not a full exact replica of the others. Each one has its own feature, that is why they are classified into the category of one of a kind. . In fact, this kind of labor is never related to industrial mass production.

Then, what about an original piece that is unique and single? Hence, at this point you realize that you are acquiring a work of art, that in addition of being one of a kind, does not have any other similar twin or replica, either a mold.

On the other hand, in mass production the optimization of large-scale volumes is a must. Such optimization stands for two main principles: the division of labor in short and repetitive steps and the participation of tools and machinery to guarantee the automation of the process. These factors working together bring lower costs per unit proportionally to the production growing volume. Hence, thousands of these items are distributed all around large chain stores.

At the time you acquire, either a limited edition or a unique one of a kind, you deserve to get an endorsed certificate signed by the artist.

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